All Building products manufactured by Visible Innovation carry the UL 1994 Certification. This certifies that our products are tested to meet Low Level Path Marking & Lighting Systems as required by the International Building Code. The IBC Section 1027 makes Exit Path Markings mandatory for all non-residential buildings over 75 feet.


  Stairway Markings  
    Extruded Aluminum Stair Nosing
    Stair 'L' Markers
    Curved Rigid Aluminum Handrail
  Floor/Wall Markings  
    Extruded Aluminum Track
    Rigid Aluminum Demarcation
    Rigid Aluminum Obstruction
    Curved Rigid Aluminum Obstruction
  Door Markings  
    Panic Bar Signs
    Door Markers
    Handle Markers
    Door Signs
    Directional Signs
    Evacuation Maps
    Fire Signs
    Stair Floor ID Signs


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