Curved Rigid Aluminum Handrail

curved rigid aluminum handrail


Product Number

C4-47,  Curved Handrail



UL 1994 Low Level Path Marking & Lighting



Curved handrail strips meet or exceed current building code requirements for emergency egress.. They are comprised of photoluminescent material on aluminum substrate. Suitable for 1.5 to 2 inch diameter. They have a modified rubber tape backing with a high tack for strong placement. Available in 1” widths. Custom sizes on request.



1" x 42"


Luminosity (exceeds requirements)

ASTM E 2072, ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662, APTA SS PP 004 PP, Rev.1, ISO 16069


Excitation wavelength

200 – 400 nm, white light, UV radiation


Glowing color

Yellow-green (520 nm)


Brightness Rating (ISO 17398:2004)

41, 10, 7


Washability (ASTM D 4828-03)

10 (5 minimum)


Toxicity (Bombardier SMP 800-C)

Exceeds toxicity requirements


Radioactivity (ASTM D 3648-04)

<0.01 (non-radioactive)


Flame Spread (ASTM D 635-03)

HB 0,0




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