Evacuation Maps



Product Number




UL 1994 Low Level Path Marking & Lighting



Photoluminescent Evacuation Maps exceed current building code requirements for emergency egress. They are comprised of photoluminescent material on aluminum substrate. Graphics can be provided or can be self applied. Acrylic cover in a solid PVC frame.



8.5"x11", custom sizes available.


Luminosity (exceeds requirements)

ASTM E 2072, ASTM E 162, ASTM E 662, APTA SS PP 004 PP, Rev.1, ISO 16069


Excitation wavelength

200 – 400 nm, white light, UV radiation


Glowing color

Yellow-green (520 nm)


Brightness Rating (ISO 17398:2004)

50, 13, 9


Washability (ASTM D 4828-03)

10 (5 minimum)


Toxicity (Bombardier SMP 800-C)

Exceeds toxicity requirements


Radioactivity (ASTM D 3648-04)

<0.01 (non-radioactive)


Flame Spread (ASTM D 635-03)

HB 0,0



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