Guide for the Installation of Photoluminescent Exit Stairway Markings in Buildings -
This Guide was developed primarily for federal office buildings; however, the requirements are applicable to other types of buildings with enclosed exit stairways as means of egress. - NRC-IRC - August 1, 2008

IBC, New York Mandate Photoluminescent Markings -
Since the 2009 edition of the IBC will require the installation of photoluminescent pathway marking in new high-rise buildings, it’s worth looking back on the experiences of facility executives in New York City. - James D. Amy - July 2008

ICC to adopt NY Standard -
International Code Council (ICC) membership has voted to revise the International Building Code to include New York City's standard requiring the installation of glow-in-the-dark path markings in the stairwells of new high-rise buildings. - DOB - May 31, 2007

Proposal E84 -
(new requirements for non-electrical Exit Path Markings)
Addition to the IBC as approved by ICC Membership 24 May 2007

Effectiveness of a photoluminescent way guidance system -
A field study was conducted in an office building to assess the effectiveness of photoluminescent material to facilitate occupant evacuation. - Proulx, G.; Kyle, B.; Creak, J. - April 28, 2006




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